Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is committed to providing quality and accessible mental and physical health care to the college's diverse student population. It's our goal to empower our students to be proactive about their health and well-being, create space to help cultivate a better understanding of themselves, and to provide guidance towards making informed decisions. We believe that our students are the catalyst for their own growth and self-discovery, while our role is to help facilitate the process. 

The Wellness Center provides access to:

  • Confidential counseling and psychiatric services
  • Health services
  • Additional services such as nutrition, chiropractic care and massage therapy
  • General health education, consultation, referrals and outreach programs 


Please note: Students who want to schedule an Initial Assessment with a CAPS counselor can self-schedule on the Patient Portal by clicking the link above. Returning students who have already completed an Initial Assessment for the 2019/2020 academic year, and/or were assigned a CAPS counselor, can email their counselor directly, or the caps@rs-k.com email address, to schedule a counseling appointment. 

If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, please walk-in to the Wellness Center any day, Monday-Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm to speak with a counselor. If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance outside of Wellness Center business hours, please contact Public Safety at 404-471-6400, and/or utilize the emergency resource below: 


GA Crisis and Access Line: 1-800-715-4225 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 

Trevor Project: 1-800-488-7386 

Trans LifeLine: 1-877-565-8860

Crisis Text Line: 741741 

Day League: 404-377-1428 


Additional Resources

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