Majors and Minors

The minor incorporates a variety of disciplines, including literature, history, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, anthropology and women’s studies. Students minoring in human rights are encouraged strongly to participate in a faculty led Global Awareness program or any relevant college-approved study-abroad program.

Requirements for the Human Rights Minor

A minimum of six courses (or 24 hours). Three of these courses must be taken at Agnes Scott. Students take the required Core course plus five electives. Electives must include two from Group 1 and three from Group 2. At least three of the five electives must be at the 300 level or above. 

Core Course

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页POL-125 (Introduction to Human Rights).

Related Courses
  • Group 1: Two of the following:
    • ANT 335 (Anthropology of Human Rights), ANT 350 (Anthropology of Violence)
    • PHI-101 (Introduction to Ethics), PHI 106 (Bioethics), PHI 109 (Environmental Ethics), PHI 112 (Moral Problems), PHI 212 (Moral Philosophy)
    • REL 263 (Religious Social Ethics), REL/EDU 385 (Religion, Education, Activism)
    • WS-450 (Internship in Human Rights)
  • Group 2: Three of the following electives (must come from at least two disciplines)
    • ANT 245 (Marriage, Sexuality & Power), ANT 340 (Worlds of Culture) 
    • ENG 218 (Topics in Ethnic American Literature -when topic relates to Human Rights), ENG 352 (Studies in Postcolonial Literature)
    • HIS 230 (The Vietnam Wars), HIS 318 (the Holocaust), HIS/AS320 (the History of Slavery in the US), HIS 342 (A History of Native Americans)
    • PHI 101 (Introduction to Ethics), PHI 106 (Bioethics), PHI 109 (Environmental Ethics), PHI 112 (Contemporary Moral Problems), PHI 145 (Philosophy of Race), PHI 212 (Moral Philosophy), 
    • POL 203 (Constitutional Law)POL/WS 222 (Human Rights in Muslim Contexts), POL/WS 333 (Women and the Politics of Social Change in Muslim Contexts), 360 (Rights at Work)
    • REL 121 (Engaged Judaism), REL/WS 224 (Feminism and Religion), REL 263 (Religion, Ethics, &Social Justice), REL/EDU385 (Religion, Education, & Activism)
    • SOC 230 (Race, Class, & Gender), SOC 301 (Collective Behavior & Social Movements), SOC 325 (Urban Lives)
    • WS 110 (Introduction to Queer Studies), WS 235 (Women & the Law), WS 263 (Topics in Women's Studies - when topic relates to Human Rights), WS 340 (Contemporary Feminist Theory), WS 360 (Global Feminisms), WS 363 (Advanced Topics on Women's Studies - when topic relates to Human Rights)