Donor Recognition

Thank you to our generous donors for your loyal support of the college. Your gifts ensure the ongoing excellence of Agnes Scott. Discover the ways to give

We're excited to honor and recognize donor achievements throughout 2020. Take a moment to view highlights from the 2020 Scholarship Luncheon now. You can also view photos and videos from last year's President's Dinner and our many Spring 2019 donor events.


The 1889 Society

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页The 1889 Society honors cumulative lifetime giving of $500,000 or more in cash and includes donors dating back to the founding days of the college. 


The Frances Winship Walters Society

The Frances Winship Walters Society honors donors who support the future of Agnes Scott through their estate plans or other legacy planned gifts.

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页Frances Winship Walters, class of 1894 and a trustee of the college from 1937 through 1954, has been called the “second founder of Agnes Scott.” During her lifetime, she contributed generously and loyally to Agnes Scott, and upon her death left a gift that doubled the endowment at the time.

We honor her philanthropy and that of every legacy donor through the Frances Winship Walters Society. Click here to learn more.


The Fideles Society

The Fideles Society honors donors who have made gifts for three or more consecutive fiscal years to Agnes Scott. The Fideles Society recognizes this loyalty without regard to the amount of giving; indeed, every gift counts.


The Tower Circle Society

The Tower Circle Society honors annual leadership donors (gifts of $2,500 or more to Agnes Scott, including The Bell Ringer’s Club).
Matching gift pledges count toward membership in all the recognition clubs within The Tower Circle Society. To see if your employer matches gifts to higher education, use our  国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页or contact your personnel office.


The Tower Circle Society Recognition Clubs

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页The Agnes Scott Club

$50,000 and above

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页The George Washington Scott Club

$25,000 to $49,999

The President's Club   

$10,000 to $24,999

The Founder's Club

$5,000 to $9,999

The Dean's Club

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页$2,500 to $4,999

The Bell Ringer's Club


     ◊ Classes of 2010-2013

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页Minimum gift of $500

     ◊ Classes of 2014-2017

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页Minimum gift of $250

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页     ◊ Classes of 2018-2019

Minimum gift of $150

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页     ◊ Students

Minimum gift of $100

Agnes Scott students thank our generous donors!