honor system

Honor System

The Cornerstone of Agnes Scott Life

The cornerstone of Agnes Scott life is the Honor System, which is founded on the support, the mature judgment and the personal integrity of each student. By entering Agnes Scott, a student voluntarily pledges her support to the regulation and spirit of the community. As a member of this community, she accepts a definite responsibility for herself and for her fellow students, which leads to responsible freedom within the structure of the Honor System.

The Honor System is an expression of trust in students and in their willingness to uphold the ideals of the community. Under the Honor System, regulations—both social and academic—are based upon国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页 their value to the community and to the individual student.

The Honor Pledge of Agnes Scott College

In choosing Agnes Scott, a student accepts the Honor System as her way of life and formally adopts it by the following pledge:

As a member of the student body of Agnes Scott College, I consider myself bound by honor to develop and uphold high standards of honesty and behavior; to strive for full intellectual and moral stature; to realize my social and academic responsibility in the community. To attain these ideals, I do therefore accept this Honor System as my way of life.

Robert Sparks, Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards