Majors & Minors

History, culture and contemporary issues pertaining to people of African descent are the focus of Africana Studies. The core courses, offered in the departments of history, English, politics, philosophy, sociology and anthropology, and religious studies, deal variously with Africa, African Americans and the African Diaspora. Related courses are offered in psychology, music, modern foreign languages and literatures.  Students may choose the established major or minor or select courses to complement their majors and minors in other disciplines and areas.

Major Student Learning Objectives国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页 - Students graduating with an Africana Studies major from Agnes Scott College will be able to:

  • apply appropriate theoretical and methodological perspectives for understanding the African and African American experiences as well as the African diasporic experience in Europe, North and South America, and the Caribbean;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the historical dimensions of the African and African diasporic experiences as well as the political, social, economic, and cultural forces that have shaped these experiences;
  • demonstrate specific understanding of the experiences of black women as an integral component of Africana Studies;
  • apply the research skills necessary for scholarly inquiry in Africana studies;
  • apply the writing, organizational, and argumentative skills required for the effective presentation of scholarship;
  • demonstrate command of a body of knowledge within a particular area of Africana Studies.

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页Students majoring in Africana Studies are encouraged strongly to participate in relevant faculty-led Global Awareness program or any other study-abroad program approved by Agnes Scott.

Requirements for the Africana Studies Major

A minimum of 32 hours is required for the major, at least sixteen of which must be courses above the 200-level. Students must take Africana Studies 170, 257 and 350 and five electives: three from Group I and two from Group II.

Requirements for the Africana Studies Minor

A minimum of 20 hours is required for the minor, at least eight of which must be courses above the 200-level. Students must take Africana Studies 170, 257 and 350 and one elective from Group I and one from Group II.

Required Courses

AS-170 African-American Culture and Social Institutions
AS-257 Kingdoms, Colonies, and Nations: Introduction to African History (HIS-257)
AS-350 The African Diaspora (HIS-350)

Group I (Historical and Cultural Perspectives)
AS-140 Topics in World Religions: African Religions (REL-217)
AS-216 Topics in Black Writing: Black Women Writers (ENG-216, WS-216 when topic applies)
AS-219 Transatlantic Voodoo (ANT-219, REL-219)
AS-252 African American Women’s History (WS-252, HIS-252)
AS-255 African American History (HIS-255)
AS-270 Afro-Caribbean Migrations (HIS-270)
AS-310 The “Other” African Americans (SOC-310)
AS-313 Shakespeare and Race (ENG-234)
AS-320 History of Slavery in the U.S. (HIS-320)
AS-324 Topics in African American History (HIS-324)
AS-325 Studies in African-American Literature: The Major Writers (ENG-325, WS-325 when topic applies)
AS-325 African American Fiction and Film
AS-325 Beloved and Before: Novels of Toni Morrison (ENG-325B)
AS-359 Topics in African and African Diaspora History (HIS-359)
AS-352 Literature of South Asia, Middle East, and Africa (ENG-352A)
AS-355 Topics in Francophone Literature (FRE-355)
AS-380 Culture and Ethnography of Africa (ANT-380, REL-380)
ENG-317 The Colonial Imagination
FRE-243 Introduction to Francophone Cultures and Literatures (when topic applies)
GER-340 The History, Literature, and Culture of Afro-Germans
SPA-365 Black Literature in Cuba and Puerto Rico
SPA-480 Topics in Hispanic Themes (when topic applies)

Group II (Critical and Theoretical Perspectives)
AS-145 Philosophy of Race (PHI-145)
AS-230 Race, Class, and Gender (SOC-230, WS-231 when topic applies)
AS-240 Global Perspectives in Cultural Psychology (PSY-240, WS-240)
AS-335 Black Protest Thought in America from Slavery to the Present (HIS-335, REL-340)
AS-356 Comparative Black Feminisms (SOC-356, WS-356)
AS-370 African-American Images in Popular Culture (SOC-370, WS-395)
SOC-301 Collective Behavior and Social Movements
国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页 SOC-325 Urban Lives