Non-Degree-Seeking Students

All courses are open on a space-available basis to non-degree-seeking students.

For-Credit, Transient Students

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页If you are a student at another institution, you can earn college credit by taking classes at Agnes Scott as a transient student. You will be graded on the same scale as our full-time students. At the end of the term, you can request the Agnes Scott registrar to send a final transcript to your home school.

Not-For-Credit Auditors

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页If you are a community member or an alumna, you can audit classes at Agnes Scott. You will be awarded a grade of “audit” for each class.

Tuition & Fees for 2019-2020

Transient students pay $1,765 per credit hour. A typical class is four credit hours, which would total $7,060.

Auditors pay $150 per credit hour. A typical class is four credit hours, which would total $600.

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页 Transient students and auditors pay no fees other than class books and materials.

Financial Aid

国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页In most cases, Agnes Scott financial aid is not available to transient students. No financial aid is available to auditors.

Apply Now

Transient Student Admission Application国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页 (PDF)

Auditor Admission Application国内自拍亚洲精品视频_2019国产全部视频_超级97碰碰车公开视频_首页 (PDF)

Submit your application as early as possible.